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  • n. A fund in a manof-war made up from the proceeds of the sale of slush, customarily used for a variety of purposes; also, the funds or receipts from the sale of slush in a camp or garrison.


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  • The watchdog group Media Matters fact-checked Mattera's claims about a $7 billion jungle gym slush-fund in the health care bill.

    Al Franken Takes On Jason Mattera (VIDEO): 'You Have To Shut Up Right Now'

  • As a member of Kohl's inner circle, he was immediately tainted last November when prosecutors and German press reports first revealed that the former chancellor personally ran the slush-fund system during his 25 years as party chairman.

    Scandal Sinks Schauble

  • The CanWest News Service article entitled Funding for minority groups to challenge federal laws under review reports that the program, first set up under former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, 'has been the target of harsh criticism from social conservatives and critics of so-called judicial activism, who assert the initiative is a slush-fund for left-leaning groups to circumvent the will of elected legislators by challenging them in court'.

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • If the party in Congress now comes back with its pork-infested version of the bill complete with ACORN slush-fund and drilling-ban and passes it without Republican support, they could get royally slaughtered in November.

    Could this be the end of the Republicans?

  • In 2000, amid a party slush-fund scandal, she helped bring down her mentor, Kohl, and took over the party leadership.


  • The money dispersed by FEMA has, in the past, been regarded as a slush-fund by Republican administrations to pimp for votes in communities which declare emergencies.

    Robbing Us Blind from FEMA to Iraq

  • Everyone on the left “knows” that the faith-based initiative is a slush-fund, a jackpot for religious conservatives.

    Not Tempted by ‘Tempting Faith’ - The Caucus Blog -

  • - Littell referred to Mr. Nixon as "Tricky Dick" and called him a "Red-baiting, slush-fund financed cryptofascist."

    American Tabloid

  • Plunder-bund is now at least as good as pork-barrel and slush-fund, and money-bund is frequently heard in Congress.

    Chapter 6. Tendencies in American. 4. Foreign Influences Today

  • And remembering how you butted in on politics in this county last fall and provided a slush-fund to beat me and place a crook on the Superior Court bench, in order to give you an edge in the many suits you are always filing or having filed against you, I rise to remark that you have about ten split seconds in which to disappear from my office.

    The Valley of the Giants


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