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  • n. Plural form of smallness.


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  • Some people are like Kay, in Anderson's "Snow Queen," they have a bit of ice in their heart, and they see all the smallnesses and absurdities about them, instead of being alive to the pathos, or endurance, or good-nature of the apparently stupid lives round them.

    Stray Thoughts for Girls

  • Legitimistic tendencies and sympathies, became less sarcastic than had been the case when she had, perhaps more than she ought, noticed the smallnesses and meannesses of the particular set of people who at that period constituted the cream of European society.

    Women in the Life of Balzac

  • It is those indescribable smallnesses in his make-up.


  • Through Lena's mind there passed a swift memory of quarrels and bickerings, of daily smallnesses, which were her chief recollection of her father.

    Jewel Weed

  • He judged it at once, with his clear-sightedness, his strong good sense, his broad outlook of a Roman citizen freed from the smallnesses of a local spirit, his Christian idealism which took no heed of the accidents or considerations of worldly prosperity.

    Saint Augustin

  • The habit of bigness, once caught, possesses one as quickly as the habit of drink; Johnny McLean was as unhampered by the net of smallnesses which tangle most of us as a hermit; the freedom gave him a power which was fast making a marked man of him.

    The Courage of the Commonplace

  • It's just like being in seaside lodgings, when the smallnesses and inconveniences make part of the fun.

    More about Pixie

  • But all have some religion, some ideal end for life -- all aim at raising man above the sorrows and smallnesses of the present, and of the individual existence.

    Amiel's Journal

  • The girl is finding that the hero whom she married is a right good fellow, but still that he is human; that he has his faults and his aggravations; that he needs to be humored and consulted and petted, and to have his smallnesses -- yes, my dear, mark the word, his smallnesses -- attended to.

    A Young Mutineer

  • And -- quite naturally -- a measure of the talc of smallnesses common to human nature is mixed up in it and distributed through it.

    Christian Science


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