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  • adj. Resembling smoke; smoky.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

smoke +‎ -like


  • Purple smokelike wisps hung in front of more distant clouds, separated by bands of blue.

    Plain Language

  • And yet, the clouds feathered out at the edges into gray and then smokelike smudges.

    Sufficient Grace

  • There was something sinister about the shimmering white wall and the smokelike tendrils drifting over the dark, half-submerged rocks.

    Shield of Thunder

  • The rays of the sun were now spreading, smokelike and greyish-yellow, over the silver river.

    Through Russia

  • ‡ Named after the smokelike haze that envelops them.

    Great Smoky Mountains

  • The river slid silent beneath a smokelike layer of mist.

    Sharpe's Skirmish

  • Beside her, Blaz and Lejun looked from her to the thick, smokelike steam pouring from the half-open door and the puddles of steaming water on the floor stones outside the scrying room.

    Darksong Rising

  • A smokelike pall rose out of the grass, like a ground fog rolling toward Anna and her forces - and the first line of burgundy armsmen reached within yards of the Defalkan lancers.

    Darksong Rising

  • Fifty feet away, maybe seventy, the tenuous, smokelike tail that tethered the cloud creature to the earth was connected to a sleeping form.

    The Irda

  • One early February day with the sky a hazy blue and the clouds no more than smokelike wisps smeared here and there from one horizon to the other, a pickup truck came bouncing over our drive, the horn blaring.



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