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  • adj. Upper Southern U.S. Confined. Used of a place: "Other places do seem so cramped up and smothery, but a raft don't” ( Mark Twain).

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  • adj. Tending to smother; stifling.

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  • adj. Tending to smother; stifling.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Tending to smother; full of smoke, fog, dust, or the like; stifling: as, a smothery atmosphere.


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smother +‎ -y


  • Sleep on a porch, or in a room with windows on two sides wide open, and the average living-room or office begins to feel stuffy and "smothery" at once.

    Preventable Diseases

  • Lots of women love to accuse men of being immature when the fellow in question displays a reluctance to "commit" – though what is childish about being self-sufficient and showing understandable reluctance to throw oneself into a smothery relationship with an obviously unhappy fellow human being because surely only extremely unhappy people look to others for salvation escapes me somewhat.

    Spare me from the whining women who are giving feminism a bad name | Julie Burchill

  • Not the full ones, they feel smothery, but the nice ones for just across your eyes

    Things I learned at school « The expat numbat: from AU to NL

  • Hearty, smothery, warm and cheesy, the key to this recipe was using dried red chiles to try to create a smoky, rich flavor.

    Black Bean Enchiladas with Red Chile

  • Pluff went his feet in the smothery dust of the bush road — his black boots might have been made of white leather — the flies buzzed in chorus round his head.

    Ultima Thule

  • Tas had been adventuring most of his life, and he knew his corridors, and without doubt, this corridor had the smothery feeling of a place where you want to be quiet, very quiet.

    Dragons Of A Vanished Moon

  • I think I'd feel sort of smothery around the heart if she was dead, and I don't feel that.

    Dragons Of A Vanished Moon

  • When in a dark and smothery feeling corridor, it is always a good idea to see who is coming before giving them a chance to see you.

    Dragons Of A Vanished Moon

  • All the hours they had waited in Cincinnati had been in a house-like thing, big and high above them, but smothery crowded down below, with people fighting for standing places in the lines before the gates.

    The Dollmaker

  • Gertie followed Max and Mrs. Anderson into the tiny kitchen that to her flustered glance seemed smothery crowded with fancy furniture.

    The Dollmaker


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