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  • v. Present participle of smurf.


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  • Police say the resurgence is largely the result of creative tactics such as "smurfing" - using other people to buy the ingredients - plus more mobile cooking methods that require less space and cooking time. Top News

  • And that method - known to law enforcement as "smurfing" - is one way methamphetamine cooks can still get enough precursors to produce the hazardous drug, said Don Pierce, executive director of the Washington Association of Sheriffs & Police Chiefs.

    The News Tribune Blogs

  • Until now, pharmacies could only keep track of sales in paper logs, an inefficient system leading to the rise of "smurfing" - the illegal practice of circumventing the law by buying pseudoephedrine from numerous pharmacies.

    The Daily Iowan - Online Edition

  • To determine whether someone is violating the law by "smurfing" -- or going store to store to collect more than the allowed amount -- law enforcement would have to search through all the different logbooks, Jeff Brandau, administrative special agent in charge with the KBI, told a Senate committee earlier in the session. -- Front

  • Police say that is evidence that methamphetamine-makers who sent friends to buy pseudoephedrine to get around state and federal laws limiting how much pseudoephedrine can be legally purchased -- a practice known as "smurfing" -- are turning to other areas. Headlines

  • Buying pseudoephedrine, as the offenders are accused of doing in this case, is called smurfing and it's illegal.

    The Green Bay Press-Gazette Latest Headlines

  • What we found over time was that many meth cooks were pharmacy hopping or what law enforcement calls smurfing, where they or they and their friends would go from pharmacy to pharmacy and buy up to their legal limit. - News

  • The process, known as "smurfing," is not entirely new, but it has come into wider practice over the last two to three years as states have sought to limit the availability of pseudoephedrine.

    Data: Cold-medicine tracking opened up meth black market

  • Mr. Donnelly said American meth-makers have expanded their use of a technique called " smurfing, " when groups of people go to pharmacies to buy small, legally acceptable quantities of pseudoephedrine, which then are pooled to make meth.

    Meth Labs Make Return to U.S.

  • But law enforcement officials have seen a rise in "smurfing," or traveling from store to store to purchase the medicines, which can be used to produce homemade meth in kitchen labs.

    Illegal Drug Use Up Sharply Last Year


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