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  • n. A lizard which resembles a snake in having rudimentary limbs or none; especially, Chamæsaura anguina, of South Africa.


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  • "Snake-lizard," a very frightened snake-lizard at that, which with tail aloft was scampering wildly from near Dart's place at luncheon into the nearby thicket.

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  • "The bronzeback snake-lizard had not been seen since 1897, when the first specimen known to science was collected near Charlotte Waters, in the extreme south of the Northern Territory," he said.

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  • Other reptiles include gekkos (Alsophylax pipiens, A. laevis), Rustamov's skink gekko (Teratoscincus scincus rustamovi), Chernov's snake-lizard (Ophimorus chernovi), Ferghana sand lizard (Eremias scripta pherganensis), black-eyed lizard (Eremias nigrocellata), gray monitor (Varanus griseus), Afghan lytorhynch (Lytorhynchus ridgewayi), four-lined snake (Elaphe quatuorlineata), and the cobra (Naja naja oxiana).

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