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  • noun The state or condition of being sniffy.


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  • I have perceived an increase in sniffiness towards bloggers (including by some short-sighted authors), perhaps because anyone can have a go at doing it and because in general bloggers do not seem intent on writing huge multi-page essays on each book delving deep into themes and influences.

    MIND MELD: How Have Online Book Reviews Affected the Publishing World?

  • With two partners, Dunkerton set up Superdry in 2003 and whatever you think about the clothes – and there was some sniffiness in the fashion world, more than matched now by praise of its "coolness" – he has shown impeccable entrepreneurial instincts and changed the way that British retail goes about its business.

    Julian Dunkerton: People just love the cut of his cloth |Observer profile

  • "There is a critical sniffiness still toward stuff that smells too strongly of the mystery novel or the space opera," says Mr. Chabon, who won the 2008 Hugo award for best science fiction novel for "The Yiddish Policemen's Union," an alternate history in which Jews create a homeland in Alaska after World War II.

    The Season of the Supernatural

  • Second, the old world promises it will drop the sniffiness towards corporate takeovers from Asia.

    The euro: happy new year? Fat chance | Editorial

  • Part of Lynn Hirschberg's sniffiness in her New York Times piece was based around Maya hooking up with Ben, whose dad is Edgar Bronfman Jr, the Seagram's heir and CEO of Warners.

    MIA: 'I'm here for the people'

  • For all the sniffiness of the White House press corpse, I mean corps, about this? partly because it's been a year or so since Obama held a proper press conference? the questions were pretty blunt.

    Barack Obama on The View - as it happened

  • Even the prolific and excellent Jane Yolen, well-known to generations of young readers, can be shoved into the "minor writer" box by a writer of book-chat determined to demonstrate their skill at sniffiness.

    Making Light: Open thread 136

  • I find myself irritated by the sniffiness of certain critics who can afford the luxury of sufficient living space they can afford to decorate their walls with thousands of books.

    Archive 2008-07-01

  • In a challenge to Anglo-Saxon sniffiness about tax-shy southerners, the British press even carried news of civic sacrifice from Italy, where the chairman of Ferrari, a carmaker, said those earning several million euros a year should pay a supertax.

    The Economist: Daily news and views

  • For the same money you can buy at least seven Bullet 350s - a comparison that helps to explain the sniffiness of India's "real" bikers. | Top Stories


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