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  • v. Present participle of snood.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. That which makes a snood; a snood.


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  • And while she is snooding up her ruffled locks, she saith unto her,

    A Brother To Dragons and Other Old-time Tales

  • To the eyelet is attached the 'sid' -- _i. e._, two or three fathoms of fine snooding; -- to the sid a length of gut on which half an inch ofclay pipe-stem is threaded, and to the gut a rather large hook.

    A Poor Man's House

  • The latter opened his big knife, and as a great eel about three feet long was drawn over the side they did not trouble to extract the hook which was swallowed right down; but Josh cut the string of the snooding close to the living creature's jaws, and let it drop in the boat, about which it began to travel serpent-fashion to Dick's great discomfort.


  • This thinner cord, or snooding, he tied to the stout line, and on this latter he fastened a good-sized piece of lead formed like a sugar-loaf cut down the middle so as to leave one half.


  • Lines of strong cord with hooks bound up the snooding with brass wire were on their winders.


  • Josh a shilling to make himself a new gaff, and buy a shilling's worth of snooding and hooks for yourself.


  • His name was Jack Jervis: his father and his whole tribe had been fishermen for as long as could be remembered; and Jack himself had been drafted out of his cradle into a coble; and there he had continued day and night, from one year's end to another, helping his father to fish -- so, you see, it had become second nature to him; and, after he came on board, his liking for his former calling still remained with him, and he never was so happy as when his line was overboard, or when he was snooding a hook in some corner or another.

    Poor Jack

  • You see we want strong lines and snooding out here. "



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