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  • n. (genetics) genetic variation in a DNA sequence that occurs when a single nucleotide in a genome is altered; SNPs are usually considered to be point mutations that have been evolutionarily successful enough to recur in a significant proportion of the population of a species


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  • They took tissue samples and, using a gene analysis technique known as a million snp array analysis that has been pioneered in the wake of the Human Genome Project, they subjected the patients 'DNA to detailed study to identify any unusual features.

    In pursuit of diseases that have no name

  • We will agree to differ. politics to me is about people, and the 19 year old ian gray quoted was real, and i am sure not alone, (And in opposition the snp dozens of times i can recall snp, quite legitimately used individuals cases like this)

    Ian Gray won, Alex Salmond nil

  • The Trait-o-matic results for the PGP 10 were posted online in October 2009 at the PGP Web site:

    The $1,000 Genome

  • I can understand people voting snp if they were a truly nationalist party, but they want to fill Scotland with immigrants, build islamic schools, and have us be controlled by Brussels.

    SNP Marathon Team - Progress Report

  • Unless there is some sort of election re-run in the next month or two, I will be hanging up my snp tactical voting boots.

    The end of the tactical voting road

  • Jake said ... but were not the scottish people sold the snp on the "Alex Salmond for 1st Minister"?

    Alex Salmond MSP ?

  • Sorry voted snp first then green second vote so did my friends thought salmon would win, oops

    Alex Salmond MSP ?

  • Plus the fact there are some right nasty nutters who support the snp.

    Why do so many people hate the SNP?

  • Might be something to do with the snp conflating scottishness and supporting the snp as being one and the same.

    Why do so many people hate the SNP?

  • And the fact there will be some kind of official snp get together on the friday night.

    SNP Bloggers Meet


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