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  • n. One who takes snuff, or inhales it into the nose.
  • n. The surf-scoter or surf-duck, Œdemia (Pelionetta) perspicillata: so called because the variegated colors of the beak suggest a careless snuff-taker's nose. See cut under Pelionetta.


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  • He was a snuff-taker, and it had been the pride of my heart to save the IPSA CORPORA of the first score of guineas I could hoard, and to have them converted into as tasteful a snuff-box as Rundell and Bridge could devise.

    Chronicles of the Canongate

  • They who use snuff, take it almost without being sensible that they take it, and the acute sense of smell is deadened, so as to feel hardly anything from so sharp a stimulus; yet deprive the snuff-taker of his box, and he is the most uneasy mortal in the world.

    On the Sublime and Beautiful

  • One asked me if I had anything else — he was a snuff-taker — I said yes; and going home, returned with my translation of the


  • And as a snuff-taker he possessed a snuff-box, which was now empty.

    Robur the Conqueror

  • Diamonds were his especial passion, and he always had several in his pocket, in a little box which he would pull out and open at least a dozen times an hour, just as a snuff-taker continually produces his snuffbox.

    Monsieur Lecoq

  • Receipts for peculiar flavors are handed down from father to son as most valuable heir-looms, and these receipts are in fact a valuable property in many instances, for so delicate is the nose of your snuff-taker that he can detect the slightest variation in the preparation of his favorite snuff.

    Tobacco; Its History, Varieties, Culture, Manufacture and Commerce

  • The snuff-taker who carries no snuff-box is aware of this -- and woe to the box into which his fingers gain admission to levy the pinch his nose distrains upon.

    Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 1, December 11, 1841

  • Many years ago a gentleman of Salem was questioned by a stranger about a certain man who happened to be an inveterate snuff-taker and who was at the same time greatly interested in free-masonry.

    The Olden Time Series: Vol. 2: The Days of the Spinning-Wheel in New England Gleanings Chiefly from old Newspapers of Boston and Salem, Massachusetts

  • Oh, how monotonous and slow these days were to the little Amedee, near the drowsy invalid, in the close room smelling of drugs, where only the old snuff-taker entered once an hour to bring a cup of tea or put charcoal upon the fire!

    The French Immortals Series — Complete

  • Early the next morning, Amedee, provided with a little basket, in which the old snuff-taker had put a little bottle of red wine, and some sliced veal, and jam tarts, presented himself at the boarding-school, to be prepared without delay for the teaching of the

    The French Immortals Series — Complete


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