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  • n. A voluntarily assumed obligation toward the good of society at large as opposed to the self alone.


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  • He is a true Delagardie, with little of the Wimseys about him except (I must be fair) that underlying sense of social responsibility which prevents the English landed gentry from being a total loss, spiritually speaking.

    Unnatural Death

  • But viewed this way, the term corporate social responsibility is as meaningful as cotton candy.

    Creative Capitalism

  • Yet vivid pronouncements and displays of corporate social responsibility can lull the public into believing those values are being addressed without government action, thereby masking the very problems democracy should grapple withwould grapple withif the public understood their true dimensions.

    Creative Capitalism

  • On grounds of political principle, it is intolerable that such civil servantsinsofar as their actions in the name of social responsibility are real and not just window-dressingshould be selected as they are now.

    Creative Capitalism

  • Apropos this, what CSR corporate social responsibility does is to extend the traditional practice of the Burghers-Jains-Calvinistswhere families that made the money spent it directly on social projectsto the corporations.

    Creative Capitalism

  • Corporate social responsibility CSR seems to suggest that a firm should sacrifice profits only in the interest of some noneconomic objective in the first situationthat is, when the firm can confidently avoid takeover.

    Creative Capitalism

  • The difficulty of exercising social responsibility illustrates, of course, the great virtue of private competitive enterpriseit forces people to be responsible for their own actions and makes it difficult for them to exploit other people for either selfish or unselfish purposes.

    Creative Capitalism

  • The upsurge of interest in corporate social responsibility is related to a decreasing confidence in our democracys responsiveness to the common good.

    Creative Capitalism

  • Unfortunately, my experience so far with corporate social responsibility CSR departments is that they are too often filled with wooly-headed people hired especially for CSRand not anyone with entrepreneurial experience from the corporation itself.

    Creative Capitalism

  • The executives arent doing anything wrong at any levelthey are in fact performing a valuable function: They are being the trusted and honest agents of the workers, consumers, and investors by pursuing social responsibility goals.

    Creative Capitalism


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