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social structure


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  • n. the people in a society considered as a system organized by a characteristic pattern of relationships


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  • Their common aim will be to advance by all means at their disposal such reforms as are essential to the creation of a unified social structure embracing all Kivu, including a common fiscal policy and the repossession of Kivu's natural resources for the greater enrichment of all its people ...

    the mission song

  • In Latin America, Africa, and Asia, the social structure of a nation or of a local community is often in sharp contrast to that in Euro-America.

    Diffusion of Innovations

  • The social structure in which the innovation of pump-well irrigation was introduced in Bangladesh and Pakistan, rather than the innovation itself, determined the distribution of its socioeconomic impacts.

    Diffusion of Innovations

  • And through it all moved the Iron Heel, impassive and deliberate, shaking up the whole fabric of the social structure in its search for the comrades, combing out the Mercenaries, the labor castes, and all its secret services, punishing without mercy and without malice, suffering in silence all retaliations that were made upon it, and filling the gaps in its fighting line as fast as they appeared.

    Chapter 25: The Terrorists

  • Puns hardly existed in Phaze, and its social structure was odd.

    Cube Route

  • Bordenave 1976 suggested that the following research questions would be more appropriate if one were planning for a more just social structure as the result of development programs:

    Diffusion of Innovations

  • The well-developed social structure in such a system consists of hierarchial positions, giving individuals in higher-ranked positions the right to issue orders to individuals of lower rank.

    Diffusion of Innovations

  • Bordenave 1976 argued that when the diffusion model was used uncritically, it did not touch such basic issues as changing the social structure in developing countries.

    Diffusion of Innovations

  • System-level variables, especially if they involve changing the social structure of a system, may indeed be difficult to alter.

    Diffusion of Innovations


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