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  • noun The study of language and linguistic behavior as influenced by social and cultural factors.

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  • noun linguistics The study of social and cultural effects on language.

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  • noun the study of language in relation to its sociocultural context


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socio- +‎ linguistics.


  • Feminist scholars in sociolinguistics have also developed constructs of dominance and difference in their writings on women's language. 71 In discussing the trivialization of women's talk, Dale Spender observes that men engage in similar forms of talk with comparable functions, but magnify its importance to preserve their advantaged gender position.

    Gutenber-e Help Page

  • I mean that it is recognizable in the same way 'sociolinguistics' is recognizable as a Latinate word or y = mx + b is recognizable as the slope-intercept form for linear equations: certainly there are people who would not recognize it as such, but a passing familiarity with the subject matter should render it clear.

    feminist blogs

  • Fouser is teaching language-related courses such as sociolinguistics for undergraduate Korean majors and teaching Korean as a foreign language for graduate school students.


  • Jonnie Robinson, the British Library's curator of sociolinguistics, said these words are only pronounced as they are now because of the mania for not dropping the H. "Our middle class anxieties of the 19th century have inserted an H because you got clipped round the ear if you dropped one."

    'I wrote 2U B4'! British Library shows up textspeak as soooo 19th century

  • This post reminded me of the work done at my old university with the North Carolina Language and Life Project, led by Dr. Walt Wolfram, a leading researcher in sociolinguistics.

    On a disappearing dialect

  • You can study the pragmatics and sociolinguistics of "ought" statements.

    Carry-Over Thread

  • H. Samy Alim, a professor of anthropology at the University of California at Los Angeles who specializes in global hip-hop culture and sociolinguistics, also doubted the newly minted songs would retain the clever wordplay and innovative rhyme schemes inherent in popular music.

    Software Morphs Rapper Prodigy Into Global Cipher

  • In a sociolinguistics course, I almost used that title for my final paper about the revival of Hebrew.

    Archive 2007-06-01

  • In a sociolinguistics course, I almost used that title for my final paper about the revival of Hebrew.

    The Jurassic Park of languages

  • Both of them were educated at Georgetown; my housemate has a BA but is employed and respected in the field of computational linguistics, and my senior colleague has her doctorate in sociolinguistics.

    oh, the irony, part 2


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