from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Oil pressed from sheepskins by tanners, and used in manufacturing the lowest grades of brown soap.
  • n. It is sometimes confounded with degras or moellon. Properly speaking, skins which have been prepared for oil-tanning are thoroughly saturated (by heating) with fish-oils, hung up for some time in a warm atmosphere, and submitted to pressure to squeeze out the surplus, partially oxidized, oil. This oil or soft grease is known as degras or moellon. The skins are then washed in an alkaline bath, which dissolves out more oil, and sulphuric acid being afterward added to the liquid after the skins have been removed from it a further portion of oil or grease is separated, to which the name sod-oil is applied. Both degras and sod-oil are used in currying leather.


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