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  • adj. Being less explicit than hard-core material in depicting or describing sexual activity: softcore pornography.
  • adj. Moderate: a softcore sports fan.

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  • n. pornography that does not contain depictions of explicit sexual penetration.


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  • 'They then received a letter from the academic's lawyer threatening litigation if her name was linked to the book, which she described as softcore pornography.

    Home | Mail Online

  • So tonight I was a hooker, I was "doing Irwin", and I was in softcore porn with a llama.

    "When we go to FLASH, we forget about our naughty bits."

  • Within rap, this might be called the softcore approach, as opposed to the steely declamations of a don like Jay-Z.

    NPR Topics: News

  • Warsh's poetic mode, of which this is representative, might be described as softcore disassociation, gathering sticks and bundling them together in a kind of rickety, mismatched bouquet.

    Poetry: What Does It Accomplish?

  • While the film is obviously not porno-grade, Zack and Miri definitely takes the idea of softcore up a few notches.

    Kevin's Review: Zack and Miri Make a Porno - In a Way, Just Like Real Porn «

  • Boing Boing identified as a softcore porn actress, television actress, real estate vice president, and single mom.

    News Tom's Hardware US

  • I remember hearing that he was in some kind of softcore thing a few years ago, but this is a little bit more.

    Mighty Porno Ranger

  • It feels more like Porky’s or Girls Gone Wild (or Bayou Beavers as producer Shapiro calls the softcore film he’s making) than horror, but once the blood starts flowing (which does take a while) it doesn’t stop.

    Hatchet (2007)

  • Sure there are exceptions but on the whole the greater your education or the higher your IQ the greater your chance of being either an atheist or merely a "softcore" theist.


  • Sure you've sold a lot of machines to a new 'softcore' audience, but turning your back so quickly on the faithful who made you a success in the first place, is a bit like re-inventing the wheel instead of evolving the tyre.


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