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  • n. Plural form of soil.
  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of soil.


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  • Some soils contain a great deal of lime, and because they have been formed from limestone, are called _limestone soils_.

    Conservation Reader

  • The rapidity with which organic carbon can build up in soils is also indicated by examples of buried steppe soils formed during short-lived interstadial phases in Russia and Ukraine.

    The Future of Power Generation: Nuclear Fusion

  • My observations from the sidelines of several disputes over remediation in neighborhoods adjacent to closed military bases that had similar buried leftovers affecting groundwater and soils is that the public disclosures did more harm through the level of anxiety generated for these residents than the contaminants ever had the possibility ofdoing.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Chemical Weapons in my Neighborhood

  • Charcoal would control pests, add phosphorus and necessary minerals to localized agriculture. 25% of manures and other nitrogen sources should be reserved and re-introduced in soils in order to procure bio-active thermogenic factors.

    SolveClimate: Biochar and George Monbiot’s Misguided Rant

  • With sufficient experience, one sees why certain soils are planted in one grape and other soils in the others.

    Of Bicyclettes, terroir, typicité: Over on HuffPo… | Dr Vino's wine blog

  • The floodplain soils are more nutrient rich than the upland soils because annual inundation from the whitewater rivers (carrying suspended solids from the Andes) results in the deposition of organic and mineral sediments on the forest floor.

    Solimões-Japurá moist forest

  • The vegetation on these nutrient-poor soils is sclerophyllous low scrub or low forest with a more open canopy.

    Solimões-Japurá moist forest

  • Drainage of these types of soils is critical to keep water away from the soil layer with organics to keep the soil from rebounding and in turn lifting the foundation.

    Soils and foundations

  • Mercury is still a problem in Dutch soils, and especially in dredged harbor sediments.

    Materials flow of mercury in the economies of the United States and the world

  • Another technique, which can be used in rocky soils, is to encircle the entire building with buried heavy copper cable without insulation, so this long loop of copper is the ground.

    How can I find? Where can I get?


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