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  • n. A (dated) synonym for solid round shot or cannonball.


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  • The enemy seeing this mounted party, turned his guns upon it, and his accurate aim was soon rewarded, for a solid shot carried away the head of Colonel Garesche, the chief-of-staff, and killed or wounded two or three orderlies.

    She Makes Her Mouth Small & Round & Other Stories

  • Finding at the arsenal a supply of solid shot that would fit the gun, I had it put upon the steamboat Belle, employed to carry my command to the scene of operations, and started up the Columbia River at 2 A.M. on the morning of the 27th.

    She Makes Her Mouth Small & Round & Other Stories

  • Boldly he advanced his guns—a Blakely rifle and a 12-pounder Napoleon—beyond the infantry line and opened with solid shot on a heavy column moving almost at right angles to his position.


  • On the morning of March 28 the savages were still in my front, and after giving them some solid shot from Captain Dall's gun we slipped down to the river-bank, and the detachment crossed by means of the Hudson's Bay boat, making a landing on the opposite shore at a point where the south channel of the river, after flowing around Bradford's Island, joins the main stream.

    She Makes Her Mouth Small & Round & Other Stories

  • The Indians at once made a rush for the body, but my men in the rear, coming quickly to the rescue, drove them back; and Captain Doll's gun being now brought into play, many solid shot were thrown into the jungle where they lay concealed, with the effect of considerably moderating their impetuosity.

    She Makes Her Mouth Small & Round & Other Stories


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