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  • The Air Force report, first published by nasawatch. com, is the second safety challenge by the 45th Space Wing to the solid-fuel first stage of Ares I. Air Force officials previously warned NASA they fear that violent shaking on liftoff of the Ares I-X, a rocket that will test the Ares I first stage, would disable the steering and self-destruct mechanisms, meaning it could not be destroyed if it veered off course.

    Ares Doubts Continue to Mount - NASA Watch

  • And since solid-fuel rockets used to power the space shuttle were going to be transported by rail, passing through a tunnel not much larger than a standard track, the rockets were designed to conform to the 4-foot-8 ½ - inch measure as well.

    Do Machines Have Minds of Their Own?

  • Perhaps I am confused, but will someone please explain to me (if I am wrong) or Jay Barbree (if I am not) how the solid-fuel first stage of Ares I is MORE like a Saturn V, Saturn I-B than the primarily liquid-fueled Atlas 5 or Delta 4?

    A Confused Story and Things That Never Happened - NASA Watch

  • Ares is the first rocket to use a solid-fuel first stage — a five-segment engine derived from the four-segment solid rocket boosters used on the shuttle — rather than a liquid engine.

    Pete Olson's Thoughts on NASA - NASA Watch

  • Let's see - we're going to spend $Billions to make Ares 1 (Old Wheezy) flight ready, with its problems of roll (single-engine issue - the exhaust stream turns into a vortex, which induces an opposite direction roll on the longitudinal axis), high-g vibration that has to be countered with active dampers, and solid-fuel shutoff problems.

    A Shift in Policy? Moon Base Axed? - NASA Watch

  • Last month, Sentinel Space Editor Robert Block reported on the likelihood that the first test flight of the Ares I-X -- a mockup of the Ares I intended ot test performance of the solid-fuel first stage -- would be delayed past its scheduled date of Aug. 30.

    Another Ares 1-X Launch Delay - NASA Watch

  • Last week's "accidental" explosion which destroyed one of Iran's largest solid-fuel missile construction bases was a gift that may keep on giving.

    Amb. Marc Ginsberg: "Preoccupy" the Atomic Ayatollahs

  • In recent years some have begun to argue that solid-fuel uranium reactors like the ones in Japan are an outdated technology that deserves to peter out and be replaced by an entirely different kind of nuclear energy that will be both safer and cheaper.

    Does a Different Nuclear Power Lie Ahead?

  • * The solid-fuel Sajjil-2 missiles, with a 2,000 km range, first tested a year ago, may be a "hedge" after engineers realised that any future Iranian nuclear weapon would weigh over 1,000 kg, and any liquid-fuel missile to deliver long distances it would be "very large and cumbersome", and would require large underground silos which would take a long time to build.

    Long-range Iranian missiles still a decade away

  • "The Hydrogen Energy California project is designed to be the cleanest solid-fuel power plant in the world," she said.

    BP Getting $308 Million In Federal Funds For California Power Plant


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