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  • v. Present participle of soliloquize.


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  • We have sometimes thought that the practice of thinking aloud, otherwise called soliloquizing, is much more prevalent with children and persons in advanced life, than those in whom the natural powers are in maturity and vigor.

    Eoneguski, or, the Cherokee Chief: A Tale of Past Wars. Vol. I.

  • One morning in May, while strolling through a piece of thick woods, I came upon a bird of this species, who, all alone like myself, was hopping from one low branch to another, and every now and then breaking out into a kind of soliloquizing song, -- a musical chatter, shifting suddenly to an intricate, low-voiced warble.

    Birds in the Bush

  • I left after half an hour of being bothered by a soliloquizing former pirate who had lost everything in a divorce and was looking for work as a carpenter, only he wasn't really looking.


  • It takes a while to get used to the multimedia format of Shylock as the film careens from the stage to the street, from an actor soliloquizing in a theatre's grand salon to the actor doubling as Shylock and Tubal as the two characters argue with each other in a backstage dressing room.

    George Heymont: Brush Up Your Shakespeare! (VIDEOS)

  • Clearly, except for Terisa who seems just overwhelmed by the charisma-power like character of this man, he is a foe you want near you soliloquizing rather than off on his own making hideous plans.

    A Man Rides Through

  • Blogging sometimes feels a bit like soliloquizing in an empty theater.

    Oh, that Jewish problem

  • Through much of William's discursive meditation "Tintern Abbey," we think that William is soliloquizing in high-poet fashion but then read, at about line 120: "May I behold in thee what I was once,/My dear, dear Sister."

    Friend, Soulmate and Sister

  • But while he was soliloquizing at the door of the tent, Fulvia has stabbed him.

    Henrik Ibsen

  • Perhaps that's an additional measure of whether an author's voice speaks through a work: does it get into your head, and walk around soliloquizing with unmistakable, unstoppable delight?

    Finding Your Voice

  • Will they be so busy soliloquizing about civil liberties that they'll fail to investigate the nominee's record?

    May 2006


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