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  • n. Plural form of solipsist.


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  • Oh, yes, why would the solipsists of Seattle ever think that state funds could be spent anywhere else in the state!

    Tunnel Construction Could Be Delayed One Year « PubliCola

  • The solipsists would run you down and scamper off with their lawyers.

    Cluck Cluck

  • * Bad news for solipsists: the universe exists independently of our observation.

    Must Be Tuesday « Gerry Canavan

  • In recent years she and other microbiologists have discovered that bacteria are not the dull solipsists of long-standing reputation, content to merely suck in food, double in size, divide down the middle and repeat ad infinitum, attending to nothing but their obtuse, unicellular selves.

    Meathead Goldwyn: Meat Or No Meat: Tell Us What You Think And Why

  • Conservatism – whatever it advertises on the box or promises from the pulpit – is a cult of rich and powerful solipsists deciding that any rules they make up for themselves are OK as long as it makes them a fat profit and that rest of humanity are merely expendable extras in their awesome, members-only circle jerk.

    Big News Orgs Picking Up On Magnitude Of McCain's Robo-Slime Campaign

  • By that flawed reasoning, we all ought to be solipsists, idealists, and indeed hold every logically possible position that cannot be demonstrated to be false, such as the position that everyone human called ˜Keith 'is a zombie.

    Carry-Over Thread

  • There is the whole issue of the dynamics of herding cats, nailing jello to a tree, and establishing a consensus of contrarians, a moeity of solipsists.

    SFWA President: I’m a Write-In Candidate « Whatever

  • This is merely the fatuous claim of post-modern solipsists.

    Unthreaded #6 « Climate Audit

  • To me they are yet another way of creating division and these days simply provide a forum for solipsists or what I like to call whinging thirty-something females who seem to do nothing but belittle men and that does not help women one bit.

    Narcissism: the new journalism

  • Or are the solipsists who once looked upon the internet as a fad, believing it would suffer the same fate as CB radios, and who once thought online news would never equal print.

    Like It or Not, Blogs Have Legs


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