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  • adj. Combined with molecules of a solvent


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  • Using Terahertz spectroscopy, RUB-chemists recently detected the surprisingly long-ranged influence of solvated biomolecules on the "dance" of surrounding water molecules.


  • You could have a system with protons (acid) and solvated or stored electrons that converts to H2.

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  • Closely correlated with sample solubility, a positive 2nd virial coefficient (A2) result suggests an easily solvated sample, whereas a negative result indicates a preference for molecule-molecule contact. Featured News and Stories

  • The possibility that the targeted cells will be exposed to transfection of DNA/siRNA solvated in a natural environment, with a reduced amount of toxic vehicle reagents, contributes to the cells 'viability.

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  • The systems were solvated in an octahedral-shaped box large enough to contain 0.9 nm of solvent around each aggregate.

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  • The study, conducted by researchers at SSCI, a Division of Aptuit, outlines a systematic approach to characterizing a set of solvated active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and evaluating the solid-state behavior of each.

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  • Findings from the study, "Three isostructural solvates of finasteride and their solid-state characterization," showed that the newly observed finasteride forms were isostructural members to an already existing family of isostructural, finasteride solvates, and determined how each of the solvated forms could be converted to other forms through standard manufacturing processes.

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  • After you've dissolved your sodium, to give you the bronzy purple-blue of solvated electrons, you take the flask out of the cold bath to let the ammonia reflux.

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  • Together with the identification of solvated helix, the core domain of I

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  • In this study, the solvated carbohydrate determinants remained relatively inflexible or rigid during extensive MD simulations, confirming earlier observations that the free conformation is representative of the biologically active state for Lewis system antigens (reviewed in

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