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  • adj. Of or pertaining to somatotopy.


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  • Predictions of the model that are immediately testable include (1) that somatotopic pinwheel maps of whisker direction exist in adult layer 2/3 barrel cortex for every large whisker on the rat's face, even peripheral whiskers; and (2) in the adult, neurons with similar directional tuning are interconnected by a network of horizontal connections, spanning distances of many whisker representations.

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  • In particular, metabolic activity is enhanced in response to human motion, reflecting somatotopic organization, in the premotor and parietal areas

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  • If classification accuracy remains significant when the voxels shown to have somatotopic properties in the group analysis are excluded, we have evidence that cross-modal multivariate pattern classification relies upon additional sources of information: patterns present in voxels previously not identified as containing significant information.

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  • [15] provided evidence for a somatotopic mirror neuron system, portions of which overlap the ROIs considered here.

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