somnambulatory love


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  • adj. Of, pertaining to, or subject to somnambulation
  • adj. Carried out while sleepwalking
  • adj. Going through motions


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  • Gatsby took an arm of each of us and moved forward into the restaurant, whereupon Mr. Wolfsheim swallowed a new sentence he was starting and lapsed into a somnambulatory abstraction.

    The Great Gatsby

  • For two years -- two years snatched out of her life and traded for somnambulatory peace, Una lived this spectral life of one room in a family hotel on a side street near Sixth Avenue.

    The Job An American Novel

  • But they felt uneasy all the same; for Mr. Twist, though he plied them with buttered toast and macaroons and was as attentive as usual, had a somnambulatory quality in his attention.

    Christopher and Columbus

  • He is alive and awake in the pulpit, and seeks his Lord's presence there, and realizes it as sought; but in the desk -- he goes by himself, and much of his precious time there is spent in thought which wanders to the ends of the earth while his voice does its decent but somnambulatory part alone.

    To My Younger Brethren Chapters on Pastoral Life and Work

  • In the Matrix, Morpheus presents Neo with a choice: he can take the blue pill and continue his somnambulatory existence within the Matrix, or he can take the red pill and become free from the virtual reality that the machines created to enslave humanity.

    Planet OpenID

  • Sure, your somnambulatory strides through this particular chapter of your life are relatively painless, but they're also unsatisfying.

    Seattle Weekly | Complete Issue

  • "That undisturbed, innocent, somnambulatory production, by which alone anything great can thrive, is no longer possible.

    The German Classics of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, Volume 02 Masterpieces of German Literature Translated into English. in Twenty Volumes


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