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  • n. Plural form of somnambulist.


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  • Very soon, the angry response of police, military and other security staff, also denied their salaries, might jolt our somnambulists, that is sleep walkers, in Aso Rock, out of their sleep.

    Vanguard News

  • The world of claw and fang and fist and club has passed away — so say the somnambulists.

    The Somnambulists

  • Thus stand the somnambulists convicted by their own creed — only they are not real men, alive and awake, and they proceed to mutter magic phrases that dispel all doubt as to their undiminished and eternal gloriousness.

    The Somnambulists

  • Then there are the good, kind somnambulists who don't prize-fight, who don't play the commercial game, who don't teach and preach somnambulism, who don't do anything except live off of the dividends that are coined out of the wan, white fluid that runs in the veins of little children, out of mothers 'tears, the blood of strong men, and the groans and sighs of the old.

    The Somnambulists

  • It is a blow of the fist between the eyes of the somnambulists, teetering up and down, muttering magic phrases, and thanking God that they are not as other animals.

    The Somnambulists

  • They do not really know the meaning of these phrases, but they think they do, and that is all that is necessary for somnambulists.

    The Somnambulists

  • Yet in the world of the somnambulists, where soar the sublimated spirits, there are no classes, and foul blows are continually struck and never disallowed.

    The Somnambulists

  • Chronic somnambulists that they are, they took their monopolist way thither in their sleep.

    The Kempton-Wace Letters

  • It was not set up by somnambulists who built it in their sleep.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Poll of VC Readers

  • Thus lived these somnambulists who are called lovers.

    Les Miserables


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