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  • n. A singer, especially a singer of songs; a gleeman.
  • n. A lay vicar. See lay.


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  • I know if he had believed in his own musical talent, which was real but limited, he would have loved to spend a few years knocking around coffeeshops as a gypsy songman, like his idol Jerry Jeff.

    camel city singin'

  • In an atmosphere where songman, Cat Stevens can't travel freely into the country, it was surprising to see the leader of the regime which the Bush administration has characterized as "the leading sponsor of world terrorism, sponsor of attacks on our troops in Iraq, and a potential nuclear threat," allowed any movement at all among our precious citizens.

    Weathering Ahmadinejad's Ideological Assault on New York

  • They say "Hey, Gypsy songman, play a song for me."

    Gypsy Song Man

  • I'm a gypsy songman, yes sir, you'd like to hear a song,

    Gypsy Song Man

  • Exhibitors hoped for bigger names, though, so last week Keillor gave them one: Elvis Costello, the British songman, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and TV talk-show host.

    The Green Bay Press-Gazette Latest Headlines

  • Clarinettist and philosopher David Rothenberg now makes music with these magnificent creatures, and Aboriginal songman of the Mirning nation Bunna Lawrie continues to sing to his totem.


  • While the iconic songman is renowned for his expansive theatre shows, he's equally adept at the open air thing. > Your Access All Areas pass to the latest in Australian rock music! News, Reviews, Photos, Forums and more

  • Catchy tune, etc … But Buddy Holly was a great little songman full of promise: that’s all, he wasn’t Abe Lincoln or a Kennedy … A eulogy to Buddy doesn’t need to be any longer than three minutes, and the lyrics don’t need to be anything other than simple & clear. swschrad says:

    Those good old boys were drinking Aquavit and Skyy – The Bleat.

  • In fact, the trio was already on its way with Warning, tapping into the legacy of The Who and The Kinks and such in fact, that album’s title track nicked a lot from The Kinks’ Picture Book, but as Who guitarist-songman Pete Townshend once said, “The history of rock ‘n’ roll is all about nicking riffs”.

    Buzzine » Green Day

  • And singer/songman Mark Winkler plays Café Metropol on Saturday.

    LA Weekly | Complete Issue


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