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  • n. An image, as of an unborn fetus or an internal body organ, produced by ultrasonography. Also called echogram, sonograph, ultrasonogram.

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  • n. a medical image produced by ultrasound echo
  • n. a spectrogram

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  • n. an image of a structure that is produced by ultrasonography (reflections of high-frequency sound waves); used to observe fetal growth or to study bodily organs


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From Latin sonus ("sound") + English suffix -gram.


  • Apparently there have been some upgrades in sonogram technology over the years because that there looks like an actual little person.

    Sprout | Her Bad Mother

  • However, this effect would have very little to do with the additional hassle or expense of undergoing a sonogram, which is quick and inexpensive.


  • Bills such as the one recently debated in Mississippi requiring that women seeking abortions be offered an opportunity to view a sonogram are also likely to be popular: the pro-life movement has discovered that viewing an ultrasound of the fetus early in pregnancy may change the way some parents think about abortion.

    The Day After Roe

  • The most common screening test performed during pregnancy is ultrasound, which produces an image known as a sonogram.

    Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth

  • Why can't "sonogram" be added to my name on my list?

    A Team of One

  • There would then be a rover deployed to study the surface with my particle physics "sonogram" included I hope and an nuclear reactor "drill" probe dropped through the ice.

    Europa Capable of Supporting Life, Scientist Says | Universe Today

  • The picture looks much like a "sonogram" that pregnant women have to see the out line of their baby and shows the location of faults that may contain geothermal fluids.

    Caribbean Net News Daily Headlines

  • "We have seen what I like to call the sonogram of the birth of the universe … but we haven't seen the actual birth. - News

  • We watched him move around, fishlike, on the sonogram.

    Books & Writers

  • U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks upheld the sonogram requirement in an order filed late Tuesday, but he barred the state from requiring physicians to describe the fetus or requiring women to hear it until the case is resolved.

    Texas' Perry Condemns Court Ruling Blocking Portions of Sonogram Law


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