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  • adv. In a sooty manner.

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  • In a sooty manner; with soot.


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sooty +‎ -ly


  • In the second half, as the Rake's decline accelerates, the colours seep away to match the monochrome of the sootily-clad Nick Shadow, played with devilish sang-froid by Matthew Rose.

    The Rake's Progress; BBC Prom 35; Three Choirs festival

  • Still, the film's best, most evocative footage has nothing to do with special effects but consists of high angle establishing shots of Bangkok, looking at once sleekly modern and sootily old world.

    Who's that Naking?

  • She had, in the manner of women of the region, applied copious mascara, which now ran sootily down her tawny cheeks.

    Florence of Arabia

  • They swerved through Tonbridge Junction, glistening sootily under a drizzle of rain, and dived into the yawning tunnel of River Hill as though into refuge from the bleakness of the open country.

    Swirling Waters

  • Ken liked to walk there, even on such a dreary March day as this, when the horses splashed through puddles, and the funnels of the steamers dripped sootily black.

    The Happy Venture

  • Forest Park Boulevard comes in sootily, smokestacks, gas-tanks, and large areas of scarred vacant lots boding ill enough for its destiny.

    Humoresque A Laugh on Life with a Tear Behind It

  • But I judge that I was regarded as too destructive, which amuses me, and to which I shall apply the antidote of showing how destructive modern thought is and must be -- whether running with sootily smoking torch of individuality in Bakunin, or hissing in Nietzsche, or laughing at

    The Trail of the Hawk A Comedy of the Seriousness of Life

  • Slim was laboring sootily with the stove-pipe which Patsy had struck askew with a stick of wood.

    The Happy Family

  • Jerry heard the whining flight of the bullet that had missed his head by inches, and as though in obedience to a single nerve impulse, both the girl and the man fell flat to the better concealment of the ground, and edged back into the sootily shadowed laurel.

    A Pagan of the Hills

  • They were sitting now in the long arbor, where the Isabella grapes were ripening sootily in the sparse September sunshine which sifted down between the yellowing leaves, and touched Mrs. Richie's brown hair; Robert Ferguson saw, with a pang, that there were some white threads in the soft locks.

    The Iron Woman


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