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  • Pertaining to or resembling a sorites.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English.

  • adjective Of or pertaining to a sorites; resembling a sorites.

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  • adjective Of, pertaining to, or resembling a sorites.


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  • In other words (and to limit ourselves to (P. 15ψ)), what value of n would mark a change of truth-value in the soritical sequence generated by the schema

    Wild Dreams Of Reality, 3

  • Now obviously, given that sorites arguments have been presented in these three forms, “the sorites paradox” will not be solved by merely claiming, say, mathematical induction to be invalid for soritical predicates.

    Sorites Paradox

  • There are negative and positive versions depending on whether the soritical predicate is negated or not.

    Sorites Paradox

  • Confronted with any pair of items in a series with regard to which the predicate in question is soritical, the predicate is always interpreted in such a way as to not distinguish between them.

    Sorites Paradox

  • The key feature of soritical predicates which drives the paradox, constraint (iii), is described in Wright (1975) as

    Sorites Paradox

  • Though soritical predicates are admittedly indeterminate in their extension, the indeterminacy is not semantic.

    Sorites Paradox

  • In the absence of any apparent barrier to knowledge of a soritical predicate's precise extension it was generally assumed that there was simply no precise extension to be known.

    Sorites Paradox

  • ˜F™ will be soritical relative to if and only if ˜not-F™ is soritical relative to.

    Sorites Paradox

  • What supervaluation semantics claims to provide is a formal account of how it is that such a conclusion could, contrary to appearances, be true; it is true since true no matter how one resolves the indeterminacy of the vague term involved (i.e., the soritical predicate).

    Sorites Paradox

  • Under these conditions ˜F™ will be soritical relative to the series and any argument of the above form using ˜F™ and will be soritical.

    Sorites Paradox


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