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  • To suspect.


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  • Initially the future wines were sold sur souche — or while the grapes still hung on the vine.

    The First Taste of 2009

  • These Quebecois "de souche" overwhelmingly studied social sciences and were active protesters in the nationalist or left-wing movements.

    Surprising admission from the French CBC's Ombudsman: Quebec journalists are all the same

  • The first of the Dossiers Secrets was a booklet entitledGenealogy of the Merovingian Kings and Origins of Various French and Foreign Families of Merovingian Stock Généalogie des rois mérovingiens et origine de diverses familles françaises et étrangères de souche mérovingienne.12Although it was placed in the Bibliothèque Nationale in January 1964, its imprint reads, “Geneva, 1956.”

    The Sion Revelation

  • Donc vous la datez du 10 avril 2006 de maniere a c'qu'elle me serve d'ordonnance de souche. la deuxieme ordonnance que voila * je lui tends* c le renouvellement pour aujourd'hui donc il me faut 10 cachets pour jusqu'a lundi.

    pinku-tk Diary Entry

  • Non non tant que j'ai une ordonnance de souche yapa d'raison et du moment que vous ne depassiez pas 28 jours yapa d'probleme.

    pinku-tk Diary Entry

  • Encore deux semaines à attendre pour nous en France, je me demande dans quel état je vais être d'ici là : je n'ai le temps de rien (et surtout pas de mettre à jour mon site), je mélange tout, raconte n'importe quoi (c'est grave) et à peine 21h passées je m'endors comme une souche dans le canapé… pfffffffffff

    Holidays! — Climb to the Stars

  • I liked that old fellow, Russian to the core, de la vraie souche.

    The Idiot

  • Tens of thousands of blacks and tens of thousands of Asians and hundreds of thousands of Arabs were in the streets along with native-born whites, who call themselves français de souche ( "root French").

    The Crescent and the Tricolor

  • This can lead the français de souche to suspect -- sometimes with justification -- that their Muslim fellow citizens constitute a kind of fifth column.

    The Crescent and the Tricolor

  • It is a gret Abusion and Reproach, that the Laws and Statutes made in this Lond are not observed ne kept after the making of them eight Days, which matter is oone of the Distructions of Englishmen of this Lond; and divers Irishmen doth observe and kepe souche Laws and Statuts which they make upon Hills in ther

    Catastrophic Dimensions:The Rupture of English and Irish Identities in Early Modern Ireland, 1534-1615


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