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  • One kind of language they use to identify a soul-like quality to the self concerns a gleam or effluence — using the terms Glanz

    Psychology in Search of Psyches: Friedrich Schelling, Gotthilf Schubert and the Obscurities of the Romantic Soul

  • When the blood stops flowing and metabolic energy can no longer drive microtubule quantum coherence, quantum information relating to the subject's conscious experience and memory isn't necessarily lost or destroyed, but may dissipate to the universe at large, remaining entangled as a unified soul-like entity grounded in Planck scale geometry.

    Deepak Chopra: Can Science Explain the Soul?

  • Leibniz's monadology exemplified both errors, for Leibniz thought that, merely by rationally considering the problem of the divisibility of matter, he could conclusively demonstrate that the basic constituents of the universe were unextended soul-like entities.

    Kant and Leibniz

  • The band's first and most conventionally soul-like album, A Whole New Thing, was a flop, but the exhortative title song of album two, "Dance to the Music," became their first Top 10 hit, in 1968, and remains a party standard to this day.

    Sly Stone's Higher Power

  • Leibniz is not as clear as one would like him to be, for at this point in his career it is possible to read him as seeing that something is a substance so long as it has a soul or a substantial form, whereas later in his career it seems more clearly to be the case that the only substances are souls or soul-like entities, the monads.

    Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

  • As Leibniz says, “insensible perceptions are as important to [the science of minds, souls, and soul-like substances] as insensible corpuscles are to natural science, and it is just as unreasonable to reject the one as the other on the pretext that they are beyond the reach of our senses.”

    Leibniz's Philosophy of Mind

  • It filled the night, swept the glittering reaches, groped about in the glooms; and then, leaving the human theme behind, soul-like the upward yearning violins took flight, dissolving at last into starlight and immensity.

    The River and I

  • Ye pine-groves, with your soft and soul-like sounds!

    The Soul of the Indian

  • Ye pine-groves, with your soft and soul-like sounds!

    Hymn Before Sunrise, in the Vale of Chamouni

  • Ye pine-groves, with your soft and soul-like sounds!

    Poems of Coleridge


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