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  • Diseased or distressed in mind or soul; morally diseased.


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  • ` He is soul-sick from the journey through hell I have given him.

    Chapter 6: Adumbrations

  • I get so soul-sick of the war news because it's a bad day that never changes.

    Robert Koehler: A Bad Day That Never Changes

  • "Just keep everybody calm," Richard Gere's soul-sick veteran cop tells the rookie he's been assigned to work with in "Brooklyn's Finest."

    'Alice': Half a Wonderland

  • Slayers, Bastard, Zeiram, Ghost In The Shell, Akira … And the indescribable Neon Genesis Evangelion, a breakthrough in storytelling – the End of Evangelion left me in a strange state of being soul-sick for two weeks afterwards.

    Influences on my Game « Geek Related

  • And we certainly don't have more time yet to contemplate this soul-sick nation by steeping ourselves in a tale.

    Robert Ellis Gordon: The Comet

  • But just who, in practice, in this hurry-scurry age, has time to heal a soul-sick nation?

    Robert Ellis Gordon: The Comet

  • A soul-sick feeling told me I had to quit working for Mother.


  • You will never know that terrible, soul-sick longing that comes when you miss someone so much that your heart twists and your stomach drops and a sick hollowness creeps in, filling you back up but with the absence of things — loneliness, despair, yearning.

    The Haunting

  • Knight, soul-sick and weary of his life, did not arouse himself to utter a word in reply.

    A Pair of Blue Eyes

  • The result: a guy who had pulled for JFK, Lyndon Johnson, Hubert Humphrey, Bobbie Kennedy, Jimmy Carter and even wrote a letter to Bill Clinton championing him to stay the course through the Lewinsky scandal, turned around and walked away from the democratic party which had been hijacked by a cadre of soul-sick, vengeful paranoids who saw evil, criminality and deception around every corner.

    Think Progress » Air America To Declare Bankruptcy, But Progressive Radio Remains Strong


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