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  • n. The hypothetical substance of the soul; psychoplasm. See mind-stuff.


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  • Or else he probes them with the cruel hand of a vivisectionist, groping about in their mental processes and examining their souls as though to see of what soul-stuff is made.

    Chapter 8

  • All these experiences of all these lives, and of countless other lives, have gone to the making of the soul-stuff or the spirit-stuff that is I.

    Chapter 18

  • In fact, I was vivisecting him and turning over his soul-stuff as keenly and thoroughly as it was his custom to do it to others.

    Chapter 9

  • I dreamed of Cymoril, my murdered betrothed, pleading with me as her soul-stuff poured into mine.

    The Dreamthief's Daughter

  • She reformed her dress, which was made of her own soul-stuff, so that it had a number of pieces.

    Faun & Games

  • The girls simply waded in with their clothing on, and after a startled moment Forrest realized that since their clothing was part of their soul-stuff, it didn't matter.

    Faun & Games

  • It died-and the soul-stuff of Nikorn joined the souls of the countless others, friends, kin and enemies who had gone to feed that which fed Elric of Melnibone Elric sobbed.

    The Bane of The Black Sword

  • It gives him a sword of ugly evil that destroys friends and enemies alike and sucks their soul-stuff out to feed him the strength he needs.

    Storm Bringer

  • For this reason, the interpretation of Dostoievsky must be carried on in the courts of a super-psychology and a major morality; if the reader clings to his traditional ideas of man as a creature of common consciousness and proper morality, he will soon be floundering in the flotsam of Dostoievsky's turbid soul-stuff.

    Dostoievsky's Mystical Terror

  • A mighty aristocrat of to-day may be of the meanest soul-stuff, and the beggar at his door of the noblest.

    The Agony of the Church (1917)


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