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  • adv. Pertaining to, concerning, or regarding sound or sounds.


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From sound +‎ -wise.


  • Cot after cot of itchy, scratchy, irritable children and many in isolation cubicles, so slightly muted soundwise but still very itchy, scratchy, irritable children.

    48 entries from October 2007

  • These lower-tech plants where sheet metal is stamped into car parts were pretty compelling, and I wondered how this might fit the piece, soundwise.

  • The DAT Audience source was well matched soundwise with the Video matching almost exactly but the Soundboard ran consistently fast at about 1 second a minute.

  • Utterly fanastic performance - both soundwise and visually.

    Word Magazine - Comments

  • And I don't know if it's just what they assume soundwise, like, maybe it'll sound that big and be in the category, but really, for the new artists that just put out a mixtape and are working on their first album,


  • It rocks a little harder, delves a little deeper; soundwise, it's more polished.

    Playback:stl Syndication

  • Keep in mind you can get a great (and probably superior, soundwise) 2.1 setup for half the cost of the $300 iP1, but if you need an actual dock input, love the speakers-through-lucite look and have $300 to burn, sure, why not.


  • And here is how they match up japanese made are better than anyone of them in quality workmanship and soundwise.

    Mandolin Cafe News

  • So, even though I didn't have a pair of SE210 buds with me, I'd say it's plausible the EX500 set is competitive soundwise, though I'd obviously want to hear them side by side before making any definitive calls about how much alike (or not) they sound.


  • "Although a lot of electro scene music can get you going soundwise, lyrically I find it so lacking," she says.

    The Guardian World News


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