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  • n. A street market, particularly in Arabic- and Somali-speaking countries; a place where people buy and sell goods; a bazaar.
  • n. A mess — derived from French slang, and the lively chaos of a souq1.


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From Arabic سُوق (sūq), from Aramaic שוקא or ܫܘܩܐ (šūqā’, "street, market"), from Akkadian sūqu ("street"), from sāqu ("narrow").


  • Ali Fahs was right: Lebanon was a garden, and the souq was my downfall.

    Day of Honey

  • A souq is a part of town where traders or artisans group together. Recent Updates

  • Oman is also great for shopping, it's traditional Arabic market places (called a souq) selling local wooden carvings, household goods, ornaments, gold and silver jewellery and spices while big malls house a variety or boutique and chain stores.

  • The souq was a scene for annual social, political and commercial gatherings.

    American Bedu

  • Shopkeepers are honest and in the "souq" bargaining is an artful skill. News

  • Beyond the souq, pass the Mutrah fort built in the 16th century and a number of watchtowers nestled among the mountains and cliffs overlooking the sea.

    Muscat's Old World Charm

  • Before the civil war, the city center was a massive souq.

    Day of Honey

  • They missed Fern and Salwa, who used to visit them almost every week, bringing falafels from the souq and other little gifts.

    Day of Honey

  • Medieval Iraqi poets went to the Basra souq to learn the desert Arabic of the Bedouin; twelve centuries later, Abu Rifaat haunted the cafes and streets of Baghdad, compiling massive, heavily annotated guides to the strongly flavored expressions of Iraqi speech—the proverbs, idioms, jokes, graffiti, and slang.

    Day of Honey

  • Old Beirut was Medinat al-Alam, “City of the World,” where people spoke Greek in the port, Turkish in the souq, and French in the cafés.

    Day of Honey


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