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  • On the whole clubs have shown a complete disregard to fans in this country, the ridiculous wages and agents fees and expecting fans to pay over the odds to wtch the team is just part of it, you only need to watch live games in spain, germany, italy or south america to know this.

    Clubs should serve the fans, not pander to fantasies of democracy | Louise Taylor

  • Some south american late-cretaceous terrestial crocodylians from south america evolved large teeth which were also similar to those of sabre-toothed cats, as well as some "mammal-like reptiles".


  • How did poison dart frogs that reproduce only in the water caches of bromeliads high in the rain forest of south america get on board, and get back to their rather specialized niche in time to reproduce?

    Pity the poor inverts - The Panda's Thumb

  • How would she face down Iraq, Iran, Syria, Russia and all the countries in central and south america?

    Palin: Okay! Okay! I Didn't Quite Say "Thanks, But No Thanks," Alright?

  • Hi Christopher, I looked up the habitat, it seems to be central and south america and is actually an invasive there.

    Finally « Fairegarden

  • George personally intended to have several dialects for the several regions of Westeros as it is the size of south america and people would therefore naturally speak differently.

    Archive 2009-11-01

  • Article Source: – Unforgettable European Adventure Tours what european nation set up colonies in south america ?

    European Set | SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles

  • There are no accusations of secretivity in south america or spain where the movement is well established...

    Lay apostolate in action

  • This entry was posted in Disneyana, History, Uncle Walt and tagged central america, disneyn walt disney, documentary, el grupo, south america, trailer, Uncle Walt, walt & el grupo.

    Walt and El Grupo Trailer | The Disney Blog

  • Paul_Is_Drunk: Plus slash and burn farming Which if i recall proper is the most used deforestation method in south america is a painfully inefficient cultivation method in a land that gets 68-78 inches of rain per year.

    WWF – broken lung | My[confined]Space


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