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  • n. A secondary microchip connected to the CPU only through the northbridge.


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south +‎ bridge


  • Regular PCI slots will use the southbridge, which is slower than AGP because information sent to the southbridge must also pass through the northbridge, slowing things down. '

  • Such controllers combine functions of northbridge and southbridge typical in older PCs, including RAM access, I/O, and other functions, as well as integrated graphics.

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  • Nvidia acquired the intellectual assets of its one-time rival 3dfx, one of the biggest graphics companies of the mid - to late-1990s. [citation needed] On December 14, 2005, Nvidia acquired ULI Electronics, which at the time supplied third-party southbridge parts for chipsets to ATI, Nvidia's competitor - Business News

  • Naturally there's CPU core unlocking included and USB 3 support, and the SB850 southbridge provides six SATA 6Gbps ports too. Feed

  • The 870A-G54 is based on a combination of the AMD 870 northbridge and the SB850 southbridge.

    Softpedia News - Global

  • Built on a 65nm process, the new chipset uses the new SB850 southbridge.

    DailyTech Main News Feed

  • You can only unlock it with certain southbridges, and you're going to spend at least $20 more on a motherboard with that particular southbridge. RSS Feed - Daily Deals

  • This Gigabyte 890GX board seems to be rather gotcha-proof with no southbridge "burps" (does not delay or stall in AHCI mode while detecting more than one SATA hard drive and report S.M.A.R.T. errors). RSS Feed - Daily Deals

  • The 890FXA-GD70 features AMD's latest SB850 southbridge chipset support and server-grade,


  • These CPUs are being launched alongside a new chipset, the 890FX with AMD's SB850 southbridge.

    PC Authority


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