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  • n. A state-owned farm that paid wages to workers in the former Soviet Union.

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  • n. state farm in Soviet Russia


Russian, short for sovetskoe khozyaĭstvo, soviet farm.
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From Russian совхоз (sovkhoz), abbreviation of советское хозяйство (sovetskoye khozyaystvo, "soviet farm"). (Wiktionary)


  • In 1994, there were 297,000 households in 262 kolkhoz (collective farms), occupying 48.4% of the cultivated area, and 199,700 households in 393 sovkhoz (state farms), occupying 44.3% of cultivated area.

    Water profile of Tajikistan

  • In the field of agriculture the government now returned to a policy of socialization by pooling individual peasant farms in large concerns, such as the collective farms (kolkhoz) and the state farms (sovkhoz).

    1926, July-Oct

  • The specialists performed a day of productive work in a sovkhoz with officials of the Cuban Embassy and placed wreaths of flowers at the tombs of Lenin and the unknown soldier.


  • Every fourth kolkhoz (collective farm) or sovkhoz (state farm) [1] -- 6,500 out of


  • Yarsalinski sovkhoz); and increased traffic from the Northern Sea Route, perhaps inevitable but certainly benefiting from early melting/late freezing sea ice in the Kara Sea.

    Climate change impacts on the Yamal Nenets of northwest Siberia

  • Dmitri Khorolya is himself Nenets and is both president of the Reindeer Herders’ Union of Russia and director of Yarsalinski sovkhoz, the largest collective management unit on Yamal.

    Climate change impacts on the Yamal Nenets of northwest Siberia


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