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  • The Shuttle has been operating for 28 years now. 1985 was the 28th anniversary of operating the R-7 (soyuz) based launch vehicle.

    Today's Video: NASA Shuttle-derived Sidemount Heavy Launch Vehicle Concept - NASA Watch

  • I also believe the cost of a soyuz seat for an astronaut will leap even higher the month after the shuttle is retired.

    Can I go Coach? - NASA Watch

  • Fortunately for the crew, capsules are aerodynamically stable at any speed, and the soyuz had been designed to naturally trend into a 9G trajectory in the absence of computer control.

    Ares I Parachutes Test Successful - NASA Watch

  • Ares1 is costing a lot of money to go one astronaut better than soyuz, lets face it not good value money.

    Augustine Committee Meets at MSFC Today - NASA Watch

  • I know you often like to expose those full of bullshit, and I have come to realize that Chrome has started outsourcing at least their soyuz and clothing.

    Grand Designs: Hangin' it Out There

  • It would take 2 soyuz capsules to do the same thing.

    Another SpaceX Test Success - NASA Watch

  • October 4th, 2009 at 2:49 pm two sources that i came across online stated the cost of an entire soyuz mission as being about sixty-five million dollars. if those sources were correct, bringing billionare clowns into space can cut your launch costs in half.

    Tourists to ISS Two at a Time Starting 2012? | Universe Today

  • É o primeiro ATV - Automated Transfer Vehicle, módulo de transporte automatizado que irá assegurar independência europeia face às soyuz russas e aos lançamentos americanos.


  • A isso se devem os brilhantes avanços russos no espaço - sputnik, soyuz, mir... e as sondas venera a vénus.


  • Em vez disso, temos uns simples módulos em órbita, alimentados por cápsulas soyuz (design dos anos 70), e um vai-vem espacial paralisado (também design dos anos 70).



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