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  • n. Plural form of spaceship.


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  • An Espinosa comic featuring dinosaurs in spaceships is sure to be awesome.

    Rod Espinosa's DinoWars to Be Released

  • Tom Rogers, author of Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics, joins us to discuss leaping hulks, giant ants, and why shooting down alien spaceships is harder than it looks.

    John Joseph Adams » 2010 » March

  • Long-haul trips could be made in spaceships instead of planes in 20 years 'time if Virgin's efforts to commercialize space travel succeed, the president of Virgin Galactic told Reuters in an interview.

    NASA Watch: May 2009 Archives

  • The only thing satisfies that criteria is knowledge, which will necessarily include large rockets and astronauts in spaceships in space as a relatively small subset of our overall activities.

    Things We Used To Do - NASA Watch

  • A highlight was showing off the new sampler reel of various characters and spaceships from the Guidolon project.

    Guidolon sampler

  • Later, after discovering writers like Elizabeth A. Lynn, I realized science fiction and fantasy was awesome not only because it had the cool trappings I liked (as in spaceships and telepathic dragons), but also because I could see myeslf reflected there ... even if I wasn't quite ready to claim my GLBT status.

    Day in the Life of an Idiot

  • What about fiction that takes place thousands or even millions of years before humanity, with aliens in spaceships?

    MIND MELD: Today's SF Authors Define Science Fiction (Part 1)

  • The phrase "A long, long time ago" juxtaposed with the imagery of humans in spaceships, does seem to place the action in another strata or cycle of reality in this manner, a previous future long since past.


  • If this is so, perhaps the first humans to reach Mars will arrive in spaceships powered by the same source that fired starships across the universes of our science fiction dreams.

    April 2006

  • I think the whole idea of reusing launch vehicles like we're doing in our spaceships is the holy grail of space travel.

    Zoe P. Strassfield: "Space Is Wide Open": Talking With Virgin Galactic CTO Steve Isakowitz


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