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  • n. A spack; a clumsy or foolish person.


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See spack; ultimately from spastic.


  • Used as a verb it is not offensive. ie: Use mulch to retard water evaporation and weed growth. it is both big and clever to use the word retard, although "spacker" is probably better.

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  • He's got the talent, he did well at Bolton last season, and I'd rather we gave a player who really is the future of Arsenal a chance than a window-licking, mouth-breathing, fly-catching, bollixed-knees spacker like Joe Cole.


  • Why not try Dear Deirdre at the Sun "news" paper or some other spacker agony aunt.

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  • I hate that Joe Cole's tongue is never in his mouth, the downsy spacker.

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  • "Don't mess it up, spacker," the director told me.

    Scaryduck: Not Scary. Not a Duck.

  • I made loads of kits when I was younger and got really quite good, but I always struggled when things got small and complicated as I'm a complete spacker and I don't have much patience!

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  • - thats like the class spacker at school calling YOU a mong. and worst of all, everyone agreeing with him.

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  • It made me sad reading about that woman, to be driven to such a measure is indicative of how bad it actually is in some areas, but you have to admit, co-ercing a spacker to 'lift her nightie up' is up there with knock a door run and theiving bottles of milk off doorsteps .. not everyday for months/years on end. if it was your daughter? or is it ok because she was disabled? doesn't matter now though does it? they are both dead. only a harmless bit of fun. discuss? was gonna suggest your user name should be 'benni' 77, but i'd lose the moral high ground

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