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  • n. the practice of sending spam by email, or of posting similar material on a wiki, blog or notice board in order to attract search engines to a site
  • v. Present participle of spamvertise.


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  • Be careful where you buy gold from as a lot of companies use practices such as in game spaming, spaming, spamvertising, key logging, etc. power leveling cheap www. I have used most of these companies for a long time and they are good companies.

    Pride and Participation: Election Day Exhibitionism Thrives

  • A dead-end spamvertising site found its way here four times last night to offer me variations on the following message:

    Archive 2006-07-01

  • Web Comments is enabling a new kind of spamvertising.

    Archive 2005-12-01

  • The problem is similar to e-mail spam where, at least for some, the value from the tiny number of people who respond positively to the spamvertising exceeds the very low cost of sending out the spam.

    Shiny, happy search engines killing spam

  • Over the past week and a half, cybercriminals have been aggressively spamvertising a growing portfolio of domains, relying on deceptive advertising for nonexistent and fraudulent online gambling web sites, serving the well known Win32.

    Dancho Danchev's Blog - Mind Streams of Information Security Knowledge

  • The miscreants behind the attacks have already begun spamvertising herbal Viagra from the compromised accounts, Sophos warns, adding that the BZPharma. net domain associated with the Twitter phish has previously been used against Bebo users.

    The Register

  • Spammer2 and send from sales@spammer2. com, spamvertising www.

    PC World

  • Note: To avoid the problem of spamvertising, I have refrained from divulging my clients and your site urls.

    Search Engine Journal


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