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  • n. Plural form of spar.
  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of spar.


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  • What's happening is that aluminum "is changing its content from the big skins that make up the fuselage and the big structural pieces-skins and, what we call spars-that make up the wings," Hanley says.

    Purchasing - Top Stories

  • While Thames modestly expressed a hope that he might not belie the carpenter's favourable prediction, Jack Sheppard thought fit to mount a small ladder placed against the wall, and, springing with the agility of an ape upon a sort of frame, contrived to sustain short spars and blocks of timber, began to search about for a piece of wood required in the work on which he was engaged.

    Jack Sheppard A Romance

  • We get into these family brawls once in awhile and we all like to get into little snap wars and word spars from time to time.

    wilberteets Diary Entry

  • When those lime-stones have been in such a situation that they could form perfect crystals they are called spars, some of which possess a double refraction, as observed by Sir Isaac Newton.

    The Botanic Garden A Poem in Two Parts. Part 1: the Economy of Vegetation

  • Each wing is basically made up of two parts - the internal structure, such as spars and ribs, and the skin, which can be of fabric, metal or composites - although the distinction between structure and skin may not be readily apparent in modern fast jets or large transport aircraft. New Blogs and RSS Feeds

  • Pictures A scene from 'Green Lantern' 'Green Lantern' In a dramatic fight scene, hero Hal Jordan spars with the fiery-cloud-like villain, Parallax, in front of a Subway sandwich shop.

    Snapshot: The Real Stars of Summer

  • The booms swinging, the spars cracking, the ship bucked its way through the heavy sea: first landing heavily in a trough, as if to rest for a moment, before another wave broke over its bow, sending water rushing and swirling on the deck and forcing the passengers down below; then pitching up again.

    Historical Fiction

  • And if she fails, she'll try to get her money back by saving the gear -- spars, you know, and patent steering-gear, and winches, and such things.

    Chapter 16

  • I looked aloft at the intricate ropes, at the steel masts rising and carrying huge yards of steel, rising higher and higher, until steel masts and yards gave way to slender spars of wood, while ropes and stays turned into a delicate tracery of spider-thread against the sky.


  • The way the poor Elsinore pitches, plunges, rolls, and shivers, with all her lofty spars and masts and all her five thousand tons of dead-weight cargo, is astonishing.



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