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  • adj. superlative form of sparse: most sparse.


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  • The basis functions are refined further to ensure that the smallest possible number of them is required to generate any given piece - they are the "sparsest" set of functions that reproduces the artist's work.

    BBC News | News Front Page | World Edition

  • The screen may have given only the sparsest of details: “Next landmark 83 miles,” or “you have died of dysentery,” but behind those words were the power of imagination.

    Classic Games that would have made great movies

  • Kagan, who seems likely to succeed in her bid to replace retiring Justice John Paul Stevens, has among the sparsest written record of public writings of any nominee in decades.

    Diane Marie Amann: Reading Tea Leaves on Kagan and International law

  • He intentionally leaves out some of the sparsest populated countries because I assume it would look silly if Mongolia was larger than Canada.

    Freedom to Roam » Sociological Images

  • I guess by the rules, that should mean that I live in the sparsest populated area of the state.

    Waldo Jaquith - The redistricting game.

  • I remembered reading somewhere that the baobab could go for years without flowering, surviving on the sparsest of rainfall; and seeing the trees there in the hazy afternoon light, I understood why men believed they possessed a special power- that they housed ancestral spirits and demons, that humankind first appeared under such a tree.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • The bare bones plan, the one with the highest deductible and sparsest benefits, would still cost you $2000 a month.

    McCain’s Health Care Plan - The Caucus Blog -

  • I went through my fly box and cut the tail off the smallest, sparsest Deceiver I had, making it even shorter and wispier.

    Zoos and Flies

  • Her less than two years as governor of one of the sparsest populated states in the nation and six years as mayor of a town of 5000 people meant she was unqualified to assume the Presidency if needed.

    Archive 2008-09-01

  • I agree; their sparsest, fastest, and most clearly postpunk album.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Sunday Song Lyric:


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