spatiotemporal love


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • adj. Of, relating to, or existing in both space and time.
  • adj. Of or relating to space-time.

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  • adj. Of, concerning, or existing in both space and time.
  • adj. Of or concerning spacetime.

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  • adj. existing in both space and time; having both spatial extension and temporal duration
  • adj. of or relating to space and time together (having both spatial extension and temporal duration)


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Latin spatium, space + temporal1.


  • – The events described in (2) occurred during a particular interval of time, but without spatiotemporal uniqueness, e.g., “once, during the year 1859, the average height of European males was 1.8 m.”

    A Disclaimer for Behe?

  • Such real-time ratioing revealed Ca2+, Na+, and pH signals14 inside single living cells, often with unprecedented spatiotemporal resolution.

    Roger Y. Tsien - Autobiography

  • A dual optical/electrical stimulation and recording probe for high spatiotemporal resolution studies of neural microcircuits.

    World Wide Mind

  • According to Orch OR, under normal conditions in an intact, healthy brain, consciousness occurs as frames or snapshots extending through multiple spatiotemporal levels from networks to neurons to microtubules to quantum forces, down to and including Planck scale geometry.

    Deepak Chopra: Can Science Explain the Soul?

  • To traverse spatiotemporal continuum and warn his dad to take better care of himself.

    What Makes Time Travel Possible « Gerry Canavan

  • Criticism of utopias that slight either collective or personal dimensions is the starting point from which David Harvey calls for a comprehensive “spatiotemporal” or “dialectical” utopianism.

    Utopianism and Joanna Baillie: A Preface to Converging Revolutions

  • This is of course a scary path to walk down, fraught with numerous incarnations of the Anthropic monster, but is a necessary demon to face in a theory where the fundamental parameters vary in different spatiotemporal regions of the multiverse.

    Making Extra Dimensions Disappear

  • The Black Iron Prison is not the material world; rather it is the spiritual one, metaphysical in the sense of psychological and cultural epiphenomena certainly -- I have no doubt of that -- but ... metaphysical also in the sense of trans-spatiotemporal ... supernatural, paranormal?


  • In biology, spatiotemporal signalling may give these kind of interfaces.


  • I think the answer is this: 'popping' physical, spatiotemporal things into existence 'ready-made' is not a rational way of doing things.

    Again, there is absolutely no teleology involved


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