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  • n. An implement, usually of wood, used in throwing a spear so as to give it an increased velocity. Such implements are usually about two feet long, with a knob or notch at one end to engage the end of the spear, the other end being often provided with a special grip for the hand. They are found only in limited areas, such as among some Indian tribes of the coast of Alaska, the Eskimos, the Australians, in parts of South America, and in Mexico. Also called throwing-board.


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  • Also, are we really supposed to believe that one girl invented the needle, the spear-thrower, the bra, firestarters, surgical stitches, domestication of animals (including horseback riding), and was the first person to figure out that sex = babies?

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  • Archeological-reconstructable variability in material culture is also fairly small though Indian Knollers used the spear-thrower and spear, while Hardin Villagers had pottery, permanent houses, and the bow and arrow.

    Nutrition and health in agriculturalists and hunter-gatherers | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.

  • Behold a wall in the basement backroom hung with tomahawks, swords, spears, battle-axes, crossbows, maces, wheel locks, matchlocks, morning stars, and a prehistoric spear-thrower known as an atlatl.

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  • "It's a crystal spear-thrower, " Alucius volunteered.


  • Because the Recorder of Deeds discovered the crystal spear-thrower, we could alter our tactics.


  • The siege of the fort at Zalt was effective in forcing the Matrites to retreat, but the Matrites were careful to use the spear-thrower to cover that withdrawal.


  • "That was at the beginning, when they had the crystal spear-thrower " Alucius went on to explain that, ending as the servers brought in small slices of honey-cake.


  • Found in Tatshenshini-Alsek National Wilderness Park near the Yukon border, the body was recovered along with a hat and skin coat, a hunting spear and atlatl, or spear-thrower, a leather sheath, cordage, and a snack of dried fish in a leather bag.

    Who's Buried in the Ice?

  • She crouched down behind a screen of rock and dead brush, away from their safe haven of nights past and waited, her spear-thrower in one hand, three spears in the other.

    The Silver Gryphon

  • If I hadn't seen a spear-thrower in a movie once, I might not have moved fast enough, and taken its missile in the heart; it was a matter of inches, even so, and my stroke missed him altogether as he scampered off down the roof.

    The Gates of Noon


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