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  • n. Either of two large marine game fishes (Tetrapturus angustirostris or T. belone) related to the sailfish and marlin, having the upper jaw elongated into a spearlike projection.
  • intransitive v. To fish with a spear, spearlike implement, or spear gun.

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  • n. A fish that has an elongated, spear like, snout. e.g. the Shortbill Spearfish (Tetrapturus angustirostris).
  • v. The act of trying to catch a fish using a spear or spear gun. To do spearfishing.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. A large and powerful fish (Tetrapturus albidus) related to the swordfish, but having scales and ventral fins. It is found on the American coast and the Mediterranean.
  • n. The carp sucker.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A catostomoid fish of the genus Carpiodes, C. cyprinus, a kind of carp-sucker, also called sailfish, skimback, and quillback. It is common from the Mississippi valley to Chesapeake Bay.
  • n. The bill-fish, Tetrapturus albidus, belonging to the family Histiophoridæ, or sailfishes.

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  • n. any of several large vigorous pelagic fishes resembling sailfishes but with first dorsal fin much reduced; worldwide but rare


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  • In the late 1980s, protesters burned Crabb's likeness in effigy after she allowed Indian tribes to spearfish off their reservations a practice some white fishermen believed ruined their sport.

    Judge who struck down Day of Prayer in spotlight

  • Hebi is the spearfish, and I was in the Honolulu fish market about three months ago, and spearfish is not considered good fish at all.

    An Interview with Casson Trenor

  • They spearfish & dive for lobster, but almost never fish with hook & line.

    Which Fishing Cult is the Most Insane?

  • This is from Mark in Burnsville, Minnesota: I spearfish in the Sea of Cortez.

    Explorers Assess The Health Of The World’s Oceans

  • The tide is out, which means the fly fishing for Japanese sea bass I wanted to do will be very difficult and the rocky points around which I hoped to snorkel and spearfish are high and dry.


  • These include four species of marlin, blue and black Makaira nigricans and M. indica, white and striped Tetrapturus albidus and T. audax, sailfish Istiophorus platypterus, spearfish Tetrapturus pfluegeri and swordfish Xiphias gladius.

    Malpelo Island Flora and Fauna Sanctuary, Colombia

  • The Workout Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Surf, martial arts and ride stationary bike Tuesday, Thursday: Surf, run Saturday and Sunday: Surf and spearfish After a morning of surfing he looks for something he can eat quickly, like poi, a Hawaiian staple made from taro, before getting back in the water again.

    Surfer Mark Healey Works Out To Avoid Gnarly Wipeouts and Worse

  • The evening before opening day, Cork met with those who were going to spearfish.


  • Several weeks before the first day of spearfishing season—which preceded all other forms of fishing in the state and was limited to Native Americans—Russell Blackwater, speaking on behalf of the Iron Lake band of Ojibwe, declared that The People intended, for the first time in over one hundred years, to spearfish and gillnet all of Iron Lake and its tributaries, not just that portion within reservation boundaries.


  • Cork had been sheriff then and charged with the duty of ensuring the safety of those Ojibwe who chose to gillnet and spearfish.



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