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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of spectate.


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  • As spectated by the whole world during the Arab Spring, the professional reporters played a side role in reporting those events.

    Tanja Aitamurto: Peace Journalism: Journalism On Steroids

  • They then spectated the same game, using another account, and that ran at full resolution smoothly as well.

    OnLive Streaming |

  • Myself, I spectated for a while out of the window, bemused and amused, an interloper at someone else's surprise party.


  • The language, mental and nuanced — like the prose structure itself — often serves a bemusedly ironic sensibility; life is more spectated than suffered.

    These Kids Today

  • Hazel and Phil were working at Dare Protoplay at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival so we went along to see what was what, but after miserably failing to do my bit in a co-operative game I just spectated.

    Wet,wet, wet

  • The knitting on the huge needles looked really hard, I'm afraid I just spectated.

    I-Knitted Day

  • After making me jump by going "MWAHAHAHA!" and leaping out of a dark room, some sort of game started that involved us running round the house screaming, and wacking eachother with towels and wet cloths while Kate sat in a comfy seat and spectated.

    child-like or childish?

  • I spectated famous DOM players like Domino, Hyperion, BeRT, and Rhakka.

    kevynwight Diary Entry

  • Ain't I spectated when the ha'r on Jezebel's back haz riz straight up an 'when she's hunched her back up an' spit when mos 'folks wouldn't of saw nothin' a-tall?

    Daughter of the Sun A Tale of Adventure

  • To be honest, my fiance did most of the work under Guite's constant tutelage while I spectated one of those passive acts, like sunning, that qualifies as a verb if not an activity.

    News -


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