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  • noun Plural form of spectroscopist.


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  • The x-axis is in frequency units, wavenumbers, used by spectroscopists.

    Another Try

  • This line had been at the center of attention of atomic spectroscopists in the 1930s, because of suspected discrepancies from the predictions of the relativistic Dirac theory.

    Theodor W. Hänsch - Autobiography

  • It is also fairly common knowledge to UV/Vis spectroscopists that the shifted spectrum they observe with fluorescence is due to radiationless decay of the vibrational levels of the excited state.

    Unthreaded #20 « Climate Audit

  • That would be news to mass spectroscopists everywhere.

    Unthreaded #18 « Climate Audit

  • Now spectroscopists daily confound Comte's agnosticism with their long-distance analyses of the precise chemical composition of even distant stars. 29 Whatever the exact status of Comte's astronomical agnosticism, this cautionary tale suggests, at the very least, that we should hesitate before proclaiming the eternal verity of agnosticism too loudly.

    The God Delusion

  • This is a topic of very active research by molecular spectroscopists, for several reasons, not least being the very significant discrepancy between observed atmospheric absorption of solar radiation and modeled absorption in the IPCC TAR models up to 30 wm-2 as compared to 3 wm-2 for CO2 doubling.

    Water Vapor #1 « Climate Audit

  • Bothe developed the coincidence method, which allowed spectroscopists to select generically related sequences of nuclear radiation from the decay of nuclei.

    The Nobel Prizes in Physics 1901-2000

  • The optical spectrum of NO2 was the most troublesome problem for molecular spectroscopists.

    Richard E. Smalley - Autobiography

  • I oriented my development of this code very much towards its practical use by spectroscopists and other experimentalists in interpreting their data and one of my greatest satisfactions has been that this code has become widely used over the years both at PPPL as well as at other fusion laboratories.

    Russell A. Hulse - Autobiography

  • By the end of the sixties, NMR spectroscopists had begun to use new magnet designs, based on superconducting materials, and the quality of spectra - expressed both in terms of sensitivity and resolution - improved quickly during the seventies.

    Press Release: The 1991 Nobel Prize in Chemistry


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