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  • n. One who speculates; a theorist.

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  • n. One who speculates, or forms theories; a speculator; a theorist.

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  • n. A speculative philosopher; a person who, absorbed with theoretical questions, pays little attention to practical conditions.


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speculate +‎ -ist


  • There cannot, in nature, in theory, nor even in common sense, be a doubt of their equal right: but disquisitions on this point will remain rather curious than important, till the speculatist can superinduce to the abstract truth of the position some proof of its practicability.


  • Aristotle, in considering that great man rather in the quality of a philosopher or a speculatist, than as a legislator.

    The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling

  • Little boots it to the subtle speculatist to stand single in his opinions, — unless he gives them proper vent: — It was the identical thing which my father did: — for in the year sixteen, which was two years before I was born, he was at the pains of writing an express

    The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman

  • The first thought that occurs is to cover them with trees, for that in many of these naked regions trees will grow, is evident, because stumps and roots are yet remaining; and the speculatist hastily proceeds to censure that negligence and laziness that has omitted for so long a time so easy an improvement.

    A Journey to the Western Isles of Scotland

  • But though he had, as we have said, formed his morals on the Platonic model, yet he perfectly agreed with the opinion of Aristotle, in considering that great man rather in the quality of a philosopher or a speculatist, than as a legislator.

    III. The Character of Mr. Square the Philosopher, and of Mr. Thwackum the Divine. Book III

  • So, when the poor speculatist, with a serious metaphysical pensive face, addressed him,

    Life Of Johnson

  • Like many an ardent speculatist, he had embraced in early life the system of Materialism; and even after he had entered on the work of the ministry, he could write to a professedly

    Modern Atheism under its forms of Pantheism, Materialism, Secularism, Development, and Natural Laws

  • There are examples however, especially in the fields of controversy, where an adventurous speculatist has been known to lay down premises and principles, from which inferences might be fairly deduced, incompatible with the opinions entertained by him who delivered them.

    Thoughts on Man: His Nature, Productions, and Discoveries

  • Perhaps the most obvious cases are among the sanguine and imaginative; and the guess would be, that a beautiful person would presently be enriched with all possible virtues, while the colder speculatist would only see in it, not what it possessed, but the mind that it wanted.

    Lectures on Art

  • That it is easy to be secret, the speculatist can demonstrate in his retreat, and therefore thinks himself justified in placing confidence: the man of the world knows, that, whether difficult or not, it is not uncommon, and therefore finds himself rather inclined to search after the reason of this universal failure in one of the most important duties of society.

    The Young Gentleman and Lady's Monitor, and English Teacher's Assistant


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