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  • n. Plural form of speleothem.


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  • Plus, these caves have a series of formations, known as speleothems, like stalagmites, scattered at various levels, both above and below present-day sea level, thereby offering a record in the carbonate crust left on them by the lapping waters of sea level over time.

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  • • Stalactite curtains, or "speleothems," that contain a record of past sea level and climate conditions locked in their structures. News - Top Stories

  • Athanasius Kircher wrote about these speleothems—stalactites and stalagmites—in his Mundus Subterraneus, strange subterranean forms made from water seeping through bedrock.

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  • These speleothems originated by water condensation and very slow seepage from wall fractures.

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  • Current disturbances include permanent damage to speleothems which are often either broken or become dulled from dirt and repeated touching; graffiti, wondering off-trail, the accumulation of lint and organic litter which causes increased bacterial growth, and the pollution of cave pools by coins and other litter.

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  • The discovery of the world's largest and most diverse collection of bacterially assisted speleothems found in Lechuguilla cave prompted calls for the establishment of a cave research institution which was founded in Carlsbad in 1998 as the National Cave and Karst Research Institute of the NPS.

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  • Lechuguilla Cave is not only the deepest at 494m (1,604 feet) and longest at 193 km (121 miles), but contains the largest collection of hydromagnesite balloon-like formations, subaqueous helictite formations and calcite speleothems.

    Carlsbad Caverns National Park, United States

  • Some useful paleoclimate data can be found in sources as diverse as tree rings, ice cores, corals, lake sediments (including fossil insects and pollen data), speleothems (stalactites etc), and ocean sediments.

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  • Several artificial entrances are being refitted with airlocks to prevent microclimatic changes, especially drying, which can harm speleothems and cave organisms.

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  • There are a number of different types of proxy data types in this group including glacial deposits, glacial erosional features, shoreline features, aeolian deposits, lake sediments, relict soil deposits, and speleothems (depositional features like stalactites and stalagmites).

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